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Nicole 8th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Assistant
Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone had any links or ideas for short stories for book reading with residents. im finding it hard to find short stories that are appropriate and that are not kiddish. thank you very much.
Maree 9th Aug 2017 Activities Officer
Hi Nicole,
I had a co-worker bring in this gorgeous book called Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. Although it is a children's book, I'm confident the residents will enjoy it. A beautiful story they can relate to and hopefully have a laugh about. Otherwise I find they enjoy well-known poems, daily news articles or we have even read chapter books- the best been a book which was a compilation of letters from a POW in WWll. That way they didn't necessarily have to keep up with the story line as each chapter was a new letter and a new topic.
Hope this is helpful. Happy reading!
Susan 9th Aug 2017 Activity Director
Have you tried the chicken soup for the soul books .
The stories are short and never marry her or me very appropriate for residents about all types
I'm sure you can find a few online
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist
What about Readers Digest? They have lovely short stories that can also be discussed. Travels, etc.
Diane 10th Aug 2017 Activity Coordinator
Hi Nicole. I have had huge success with a collection of short stories by Lucy Maud Montgomery. She's a Canadian author who wrote Anne of Green Gables. I use my iPad and blue tooth speaker and our residents really enjoy listening. I tried to put this on as a link but it doesn't look like that happened. Google works well in finding it. Good luck!
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 - LibriVox
Candace 15th Aug 2017 CNA
I have had great success with Chicken Soup for the Soul --travel. Also the Readers Digest is great for the jokes and short stories. They love the jokes and the word games.
Kristen 17th Aug 2017
Hi There,
I agree, I am all about the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, along with a great Canadian company called Dementiability. They have short, large print books that are great for conversation starters as well!
Kim 20th Aug 2017 Programs Director
I have used a book called Yesterdays for years. I love the stories and re-tell one by heart! has the book.

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