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Sandy 21st Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
HI Everyone, I am planning to have circus theme party in memory support unit. I need to invite one of the following:
•Stand-up Comedians
just wondering if anybody got more information.

thank you for your help in advance.

Susan 22nd Aug 2017 Activity Director
I like balloon artists. Everyone seems to enjoy watching them make the different things and get one(circus theme)
I hope you are inviting the families. it sounds like it could be a great intergenerational event
Sandy 28th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank You Susan, yes I am planning to invite families .
Sheri 1st Sep 2017 PCAP/OTA
please make sure that no-one is afraid of clowns before hiring them. or make sure they are not exposed to them.. ( I have many friends and older family who are really scared of them). also balloons you need to be aware of people who have been in the war and may think its guns going off if they burst.
Local school Gymnastic groups doing cartwheels, making towers etc can be good (if they still do that ;/ )
if people can smell popcorn (eat it even better) or hot dogs.
some animals outside
Solange 1st Sep 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sandra, the budget depends on your plans for the year. How many parties, balls, concerts, themed days, and other major events that will need cash. It will also depend on how many beds your facility has. The budget gives a rough cost estimate for field outings, outside resources, decorations, and supplies. When I retired in 2012 we had a budget of $250 monthly in a 52-bed facility. Some months we didn’t spend it all and saved the money for the end of the year when spending increased. There are many ways to make a budget but the main thing is to have an ‘Expenses’ column and an ‘Estimated Cost’ column. Here is some 'food for thought'.
Supplies: paper, cardboard, ink cartridges, awards and ribbons, posters, postage, books, pens, pencils, crayons, gift wrapping paper, blue-tack, glue, brushes, safety scissors, art supplies, etc
Craft: Puzzles, exercises props, soft toys, seeds, themed talk supplies, hats, pantry items, games, balloons,
Resources: Books, DVD, CDs, entertainers, clubs, outings (picnics, museums, lunch),etc.
Sandy 1st Sep 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank you Sheri..
Catalina M 4th Oct 2018 Activity Director
Thank You Solange

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