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Sunya 22nd Sep 2017
Hello. I have a question. How do you deal with wanting to quite working as an Activity Director because you are so burned out and the staff seems like they just don't care. I love my residents and my job. I just wish others had my compassion. Thanks
Susan 24th Sep 2017
Maybe you need to take some time off.
At one point in my career, I took two and a half months off.
I was sick so I had to take the time off. I was not sure if I was going to go back.
I did. Most employees realized finally how hard I worked
I felt renewed when I went back

I do not know what your situation is. Is there someone you can talk to about this??

At the very least, you can have a staff meeting to see why your staff members do not care

Here is a link

The other option is to step down as Activity Director and assume the role of Activity Assistant. There must be an available position. Maybe one of the non-caring staff members needs to be fired, or maybe you can suggest that this person quits.

This is a difficult situation with possible complications

Sunya 25th Sep 2017
Thank You Susan. I have been going back and forth with myself about letting go or taking vacation to see how I feel later. Before I became the activity director resident's didn't do anything. The previous director's didn't motivate them to be active. Now I have a high participation rate. They love coming to activities. They talk about the next activity. I have special events there ex. car shows. I honor our veterans. We go out. The resident's that didn't like coming out of their rooms are now in my daily activities. I have the community involved. Families and volunteers thank me everyday for what I do. I have brought our program along ways because I am so hands on. I don't have an assistant. I do it all by myself. I will pray and then go from there. Thank you again.
Susan 25th Sep 2017
It sounds like you are doing a great job.
Have you discussed this with the administrator? I know this can be tricky especially if he is not on your side.
Who are the staff members that do not do anything??
You should be proud of yourself. As you said the residents enjoy the activities you provide.
Who could do a better job than you??
Try to ignore the naysayers
Remember you are doing this for the residents. They must love you.

What would you do if you were not the activity director??
Personal satisfaction counts for something.

No matter what you decide, it should feel right to you.
Kim 26th Sep 2017
Are you able to utilise volunteers to help lighten your workload. Your first priority is to yourself. If you burn out you are no good to the residents or anyone around you. Take some time off, recharge and come back ready to go. This industry needs people of your high caring calibre. The no carers are out there we all know that, sometimes you wonder why they are working in this industry. We continue to do what we do because we care and if that means doing it alone then so be it , we can do it as I feel we are a unique type of people that do our job. Lot of people think it's just cups of tea and concerts, but we know better. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, take strength from your residents , but please put yourself own wellbeing first. Good luck and sing a little song.

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