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Rachel Stirling 10th Nov 2017
Hi all,
As a lifestyle coordinator l am noticing that some carer staff with no background in activities are doing activity shifts. I too once was a p.c.a but l did my diploma in order to do lifestyles. They are seperate roles an should not be mixed in my opinion.If you really want to do lifestyles then take the next step an do the certificate or diploma for it.I have found most carers are not interested in lifestyle at all an just do it because they are told too. Trying to train them an explain why we do the things we do is very time consuming.As we all know if you give the wrong activity to someone an set them up for failure they wont come back for more.It does not work at accredition time as most dont understand the paper work or documentation.Some companies seem to be all about there profits an not so into the well-being of our residents.What do others here think??
Solange 12th Nov 2017
Hi Rachel, I identify with your dilemma, I have also been in this position. It is so sad that some facilities allow people totally inexperienced in lifestyle work to do the job. It is not their fault; carers are usually told by superiors or management to 'help out'. It may harm the facility's reputation if residents' relatives notice the lack of professionalism of the staff. I am afraid I don't have the answer. You could try and bring the subject up at your next staff meeting. Don't lose heart, all the best of luck.

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