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Marianne 19th Nov 2017 Pastoral Carer
I am looking for suggestions for music bingo. I do not have a musicisn so can we use CD.
Any suggestion.
Thank you
Solange 20th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Marianne, Music Bingo is so much fun. You don’t necessarily need a musician; just a good selection of music, either from YouTube or CDs. The first thing to do is to choose the genre: country, pop, rock n’ roll. Then make cards including the names of songs and artists/bands. Buy Top 40 CDs or look on YouTube selection for Hits of the 1060s, 1970s or 1980s. Also, any Top Hundred hits will give dozens of well-known songs to play Music Bingo.
Virginia 21st Nov 2017 Librarian Assistant

They have some ready made music bingo games at I have used music bingo 1 and music bingo 2 with a memory care group at the library where I work. They enjoy it. All the songs are old. I prefer the second personally. I haven't tried the others on the page yet.
Bronwyn 21st Nov 2017 Support Worker/RAO
Great ideas on You Tube!
KARLA 28th Dec 2017 Life Enricment
For Valentine's day we used to have square dancers but now the club is no more... people just dont square dance anymore.....i was thinking of things to do ...any ideas....thanks in advance
Kym 1st Oct 2020 Activities Officer
Hi, I printed out the picture music bingo and laminated them I draw the Call cards out of a box and hold it up and sing (not very well!) the first line of the songs. We love it at our centre! Lots of laughter! We reminisced about who wrote the songs and who sang them first, then googled each of the songs to confirm the answers.
Susan 2nd Oct 2020 Activity Director
Wow Kym
That sounds great
Thanks for sharing

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