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Marianne 19th Nov 2017
I am looking for suggestions for music bingo. I do not have a musicisn so can we use CD.
Any suggestion.
Thank you
Solange 20th Nov 2017
Hi Marianne, Music Bingo is so much fun. You don’t necessarily need a musician; just a good selection of music, either from YouTube or CDs. The first thing to do is to choose the genre: country, pop, rock n’ roll. Then make cards including the names of songs and artists/bands. Buy Top 40 CDs or look on YouTube selection for Hits of the 1060s, 1970s or 1980s. Also, any Top Hundred hits will give dozens of well-known songs to play Music Bingo.
Virginia 21st Nov 2017

They have some ready made music bingo games at I have used music bingo 1 and music bingo 2 with a memory care group at the library where I work. They enjoy it. All the songs are old. I prefer the second personally. I haven't tried the others on the page yet.
Bronwyn 21st Nov 2017
Great ideas on You Tube!

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