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Sunya 1st Jun 2018
Hello I am searching for weekend activity ideas from those that has the weekend off. Thank you in advance.
Solange 4th Jun 2018
Hi Sunya, one way to run activities on weekends without a Lifestyle staff is to ask a sympathetic nurse to do it without taking too much of her time. For instance, setting up a Mandala drawing activity on a table for a group of residents. A poster activity could also work; a theme poster on children for instance where she would give residents lots of magazines and safety scissors to search and cut out pictures of babies and children for a poster. She can come back later and tidy up.

Alternatively seek a volunteer willing to come for a couple of hours to lead a class of seated exercises like Movement to Music, or take a ​group for a walk, or facilitate a High Tea. Of course, you can also rely on​ a good movie for a couple of enjoyable hours. Best of luck!

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