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Norma Jean 9th Aug 2018 Activities Director
I just joined. Im trying to find where I can add templates and photos to the calendar. I have started September Calendar but its blank.
Can someone help me create a cool calendar for to of my assisted living facilities?
Maurice 10th Aug 2018
Hi Norma Jean!

The calendars here should all be pre-filled with the events on Golden Carers:

To add images to PDFs and Word Documents can be a little tricky. The easiest way I know is to use Word Documents, drag the images in, resize to fit, and then change them to "Text Wrap Behind". That way they sit behind your text.

We're looking at ways to make this easier!
Susan 11th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Use the template Maurice suggested or here are other templates I and others created

How familiar with Microsoft word??
You definitely can add pictures. You may have to change the size
I would also put the pictures behind the text

I like to use a size 8 or smaller font to list activities on the calendar
I resized the calendar to 11x17 on a copier so ir is easier for the residents to see it

Also I created a template for a weekly calendar for those that wanted it

Let me know so I can walk you through the process

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