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Coral 25th Aug 2018 Therapy Assistant
Hi Every one.
I assist thirty six residents in a secure unit that have different stages of dementia ranging from advanced, middle and then through to mild stages of the disease with different stages of mobility issues as well.I do a weekly exercise group with my residents and my issue is that a large section of residents are becoming less motivated in participating in the group due to the same gentle exercise routines. I do mix things up as best that i can with my guys but I find I need something that is more stimulating for them and hopefully will get them excited about attending again, open to any suggestions.
Coral :)
Susan 26th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Hi Coral
Let me suggest the exercise group that I wrote an article about it is very good you do not need a DVD
In fact it is better if you lead the group yourself that way you can walk around the room and help those having trouble you can do handover hand cues if necessary gestural or verbal cues
You can address each person by name which is motivating in itself
Here is what I wrote

This is also a good idea
Studies show that doing mentally stimulating things with exercise is good for your brain and your body
Remember to be enthused excited and engaging and invite each person by name to join in

You may want to have the higher functioning people in the group help you lead the exercises by demonstrating them
I like to tell residents that I need their help they are glad to help and this makes them feel useful
Do simple exercises for part of that group and then have some fun activity for the rest of the group that uses exercises
If you need more help but let me know
Darla 26th Aug 2018 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Hello Coral,

Exercise everyday. If not lead by Activity/Recreation Dept. by other means.
One day - Yoga. Vid or Activity Aide lead.
Day Two - Physical Fun and Games (highly competitive games such as hockey or balloon ball)
Day Three - group activity all can enjoy (lightweight bocce, bowling with assist)
Day Four - Exercise Stretch
Day Five - Chair Fitness ( a more strenuous exercise from seated chair)
Day Six- using instruments to music, gentle exercise for less physically able (Spoons, maracas, rain makers, harmonicas, ect)

Physiotherapist lead exercise walks, gym exercise bike, SAIL exercise, make note of individual exercise plan. Assist physiotherapist if able.

Family member walks on weekends, Resident individual walks in evenings. Ask staff to report these activities.

Exercise or physical fitness comes in many forms, think outside the box for alternative forms of physical fitness other than group activity.

Susan 27th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Good ideas Darla

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