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Deborah 26th Aug 2018 Pal
Hello everyone. I am a pal in a care home with a wide range of ability. Im looking for a arm chair exercise dvd for people with limit movement and easy to follow. Any ideas
Susan 26th Aug 2018 Activity Director
See what I wrote Coral I think this will apply to you as well
Leonie 28th Aug 2018 Diversions Therapist
If you have a in house physio or one that visits regularly, they will be able to do a sheet up with pictures that will be suitable for armchair exercises
Val 28th Aug 2018 Activity Aide
I use a dvd by Tracie Long, "Low impact for all fitness levels" from 2015. It is good. There are some parts where it shows the leaders on the dvd out of their chair, but I just tell our participants to stay in the chair. You can also you walking dvd's such as Leslie Sansone, and just have them stay in the chair. They can do the arm movements and just march while sitting, kick, etc.
Charlotte 29th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
There are also plenty of ideas on You Tube - choose the easier and slower ones to start with - check out the yoga based movements too. Good Luck !
Rebecca 29th Aug 2018 Activity Director
We use this one every morning, for more than 2 yrs. Every time I try to change it to a different one the residents complain. It can be done by people with multiple levels of ability and everything is done seated. Can even be done in a wheelchair, Good Luck!
Clare 31st Aug 2018 Retired
I use Move it or Lose it Or available on Amazon
Meg 27th Oct 2018 Life Enrichment Director
using youtube is an great Idea!
Val 29th Oct 2018 Activity Aide
Another idea would be a wheelchair workout by Amanda Cook. I used one from the library that was from 2009, and it was really good. You also could try the Sit and Be Fit ones that are done by a Mary Ann Wilson.
Clare 30th Oct 2018 Retired
I use Sit to get fit as well I put the speaker in the centre of the circle so that everyone can hear the very clear instructions. The music is great and very stimulating and you can just chose the exercises you want to do for that day. I am not experienced but it is so easy to follow, anyone can do it.

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