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Liza 17th Oct 2018 Activity Worker
Hi guys. I am doing a day about Rememberence Day. I have a few residents that will be joining to talk about their time in the war. I am struggling though to find activities surrounding this day on here. Any help please?
Sunya 17th Oct 2018 Activity Director
I have the local high school ROTC coming to salute our veterans, guest speaker,local band and the VFW rider crew. We will have a special pinning as well. Honoring our veterans will be a big event.
Molly 21st Oct 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Liza, Remembrance Day is a big event for us! We invite friends and family and we also invite local ROTC like Sunya! We present them with a certificate and decorate the whole activities room in each branch memorabilia.
Talita 21st Oct 2018
Hi Liza, there are some lovely craft activities for Remembrance Day on here:
Jean 22nd Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator
It will be a quiet one at our care home. 3 red paper poppies in a little vase will be on each table in the dining room and I have bought paper serviettes with a poppy design on them for the 1 day only.
Kylie 30th Oct 2018 Lifestyle Enrichment Carer
Art and craft is a great idea, making either paper red poppies, or a wreath from crepe paper, ( if you have able residents you could make items to be donated to the services ) a reminiscent hr with talks relating around these eras. A songlist of the various eras music, a guest speaker for the service if possible can be arranged.
Lindsey 28th Feb 2021 Manager Of Residential Home For The Elderly
I have a lot of residents who were evacuees as children during the war. Most of them were sent to North Wales and have lots of stories to tell. I am gathering these stories during my 1:1’s with them and I create recorded anecdotes (rather than asking them to speak live as they will falter as they recall) I edit the videos and audio recordings and then play them back on a big screen.. we also have a little singalong and read through history books
Susan 1st Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Lindsey
That sounds wonderful
Jean 1st Mar 2021 Activities Coordinator
I showed the DVD 'Goodnight Mr Tom'
Susan 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for the information Jean

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