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Darleen 24th Dec 2018 Activity Aide
Good morning everyone and Happy Christmas eve!
I am looking for Ideas for a New years eve Noon party at our assistant living. We only have 35 residents . Any Ideas would help.
Susan 26th Dec 2018 Activity Director
Sherry 25th Dec 2021 Activities Assistant
YouTube has the New Years Countdown for Nickalodian. Its meant for a countdown to noon years day! You can show a previous year!
Susan 25th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sherry
Thank you for this information
Jean 7th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you, I never stop learning from this site. I always feel uncomfortable not planning for the New Year and never thought of doing a 'New Years Noon or New Years Evening' function. Our residents are always in bed and asleep at midnight so I will plan something earlier for the end of 2022.
Susan 8th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Jean
I always had New Year’s eve parties during the day because it’s always New Year’s somewhere so I was celebrate with whatever country is having New Year’s at that time
I would invite family members to participate as well and I always went around to the rooms of residents did not attend the activity
I distributed hats and noisemakers and made a moctail punch
We made a toast to a happy new year
This was well received
Jean 9th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Thank you, will use the ideas for New Year 22/23
Tina 11th Jan 2022 life enrichment manager
I need some writing exercises for Parkinson's curs up
And shapes writing skills. Please help tell me where I should go on
Susan 11th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Tina
I am not sure what you mean by writing exercises
Solange had recommended these for improving fine motor coordination
and improve residents’ dexterity could be offered through a series of activities like playing with clay, doing hand stretches; - flexing and stretching the hands and fingers to improve blood flow - and sewing large items with safety needles e.g. ‘sewing’ strips of leather around a frame
Some simple coloring might help too

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