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Pauline 30th Dec 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hello everyone, I am new to this site and have been in my current job as a Lifestyle Coodinator for a month now. I would like some help or assistance on how to engage my residents more effectively as I am finding there is minimal interaction at times. I have a lot of residents in fall out/float chairs and they are mixed with varying care needs, particularly dementia. One particular resident calls out repetitively and disrupts the groups and no activity you provide for her is effective. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Susan 31st Dec 2018 Activity Director
Karen 1st Jan 2019 Leisure Coordinator
Hi Pauline, I am in a similar situation (started in October 18). I find with my residents that calls out that including her more helps. She needs to be with the group and kept busy. Picture Bingo was great for her. Engaging other residents with High Care needs has also been an issue but pet therapy is one of the things that always sparks them up. Delta Dogs are great. Otherwise anything they can touch/smell that feels or smells nice to engage their senses.
Good luck.
Pauline 1st Jan 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thanks Susan and Karen. Karen, the issue that is occurring is that no amount of stimulation, one on one, diversion is of any benefit. She is included but disrupts the group that are actively engaging. This may last 5 or 10 minutes then the behaviour continues. The facility I am at is in the process of change and assessing resources, etc. Thanks for your advice.
Claire 2nd Jan 2019 Activity Co Ordinator
Hi Pauline,
It certainly is a challenge doing our job. I am in a similar position to yourself, I have done the job for two years now and find some people find group situations really distressing. Low noise, basic tasks like balloon bopping, aromatherapy hand massage is good if resident allows. Another good one if resident can use hands, a bowl of rice with colourful glitter, hidden within are beads or colourful balls, adapt the size of objects to the needs of resident. The texture of the rice seems to relax. Hope this is hrlpful, remember you are making a difference!
Molly 3rd Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Pauline,

Congratulations on your new position. It sounds as though we work in similar positions. Engaging everyone in the group could be difficult especially if you are on your own, however, I find that I often rely on the more outgoing or vocal individuals to keep the activity going while I work to engage the others in more non-verbal ways. For instance, the women that call out all of the time - you could try sitting next to her during the group and holding her hand or humming a sing-along tune - She may still call out but you are working with her and engaging her in a new way. It really is multi-tasking at its finest. Also, try adding smaller group activities like relaxation time or poetry reading. These quieter activities allow those who aren't as vocal engage simply by being in the room.
Jean 12th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator
I have a few clip boards that have a poem on them and sometimes hand them out to the residents and ask them to circle, or mark with a highlighter a certain letter eg all the 'e's. Make sure it is a good size print. While they are busy doing that I can get other residents engaged in doing a puzzle or similar activity.

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