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Jackie 10th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator
Have been instructed no longer to add to the monthly planner,
Would like your views on this and thank you in advance.

Solange 10th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jackie, that's the first time I hear that. All the activities that you mentioned have to be planned and facilitated so the residents can attend them. How can they not be in the Monthly Activity Planner? Who is going to remind, escort, encourage, and make sure residents are well dressed and prepared for the occasions? Are your instructions from management or from government bodies? What are the reasons given to support such antagonistic instructions?
Susan 10th Mar 2019 Activity Director
I have to agree with Solange
I trust that your department is responsible for bringing the residents to some or all of these activities not to mention that you have to plan other activities around these events
I wonder who suggested this to you and shouldn't the residents have a say in this
Perhaps you can suggest bringing it up at a resident Council meeting to get the residents viewpoint
Jackie 13th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator
The instruction came from the owner of the home !
Susan 14th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Have you discussed this with the owner ??
He must have his reasons
Here are some sample calendars from other Golden Carers members you can share with him
I hope this helps
Susan 14th Mar 2019
Maybe try calling them something different. Like Nail Art for Manicure
Hair designs by Jackie for hairdresser
Fellowship blessings for church
just a couple ideas hope this helps
Susan 14th Mar 2019 Activity Director
That may be a good idea Susan however the owner is ultimately responsible for the running of the nursing home
You can try to make a convincing argument with him but ultimately it's his choice
Try talking to family members and residents to fortify your argument
So your choice would be to go along with it and just take it off the calendar
I know the family members like to see when the hairdresser will be in the building so they could make an appointment for their loved one

You could not take it off the calendar and risk being fired

Or if you were that unsatisfied look for a different job
Kathleen 31st Mar 2022
I have always worked in facilities where this is the case so it didn't occur to me that some places might do it another way. My understanding has always been that 1:1 activities aren't put on the calendar, for me the expectation is that you do them around the activity time when group activities take place. For hairdressing, are you the hairdresser? Is the concern maybe that you are canceling activities while a person or two are getting their hair done, when there could be another group? Perhaps they would be open to having it on there for the resident's to be informed if there was also an additional activity taking place at that time? Manicures I find a tough one, it can definitely be a 1:1, but I've done it where it is a group of ladies all sitting around a table having discussions, not just painting nails - i like susan's idea of nail art but you may want to be careful that you are not blatantly disobeying your boss as that could be problematic. I honestly don't understand why communion or songs of praise shouldn't be put on the calendar, but I work in Catholic homes where it is expected that religious services and happenings are on the calendar. It could again perhaps be seen as something activities is not actively leading and maybe they want something else to be offered at that time as well. More clarification on what your boss wants instead may be helpful. -- ps typed all this and then realized it was a post from three years ago haha
Susan 1st Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Kathleen
Thank you for your input
Even though this was from three years ago it could still be helpful to some members
Thanks again for sharing
Melissa 6th Apr 2022 Recreation Director
Hi Jackie,
According to CMS all those activities, particularly self care activities are calendar activities.
Susan 7th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Melissa
Thank you for your input

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