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Val 11th Mar 2019 Activity Aide
Does anyone have ideas of what to do when your residents/participants only know one language, such as french, spanish, arabic? I am going to get some books at the library with both english and the foreign languages translation.
Solange 12th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Val, this is a growing challenge for Activity staff. I assume you already have the Multilingual flashcards or Cue cards with medical-related and some social issues. They are beneficial but not enough; they don’t replace individualized care. Here are other strategies for you to consider: 1 - Hire Bilingual staff/interpreters 2 - Staff to learn some phonetically sounding words in the language required 3 - Connect the resident with culturally specific community/clubs/churches 4 - Requesting bilingual volunteers from government bodies and Community boards (in churches/supermarkets) 5 - Encourage residents’ families to visit more often - 6 - Search local libraries for magazines, music, videos and movies in the language required.

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