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Val 11th Mar 2019 Activity Aide
Does anyone have ideas of what to do when your residents/participants only know one language, such as french, spanish, arabic? I am going to get some books at the library with both english and the foreign languages translation.
Solange 12th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Val, this is a growing challenge for Activity staff. I assume you already have the Multilingual flashcards or Cue cards with medical-related and some social issues. They are beneficial but not enough; they don’t replace individualized care. Here are other strategies for you to consider: 1 - Hire Bilingual staff/interpreters 2 - Staff to learn some phonetically sounding words in the language required 3 - Connect the resident with culturally specific community/clubs/churches 4 - Requesting bilingual volunteers from government bodies and Community boards (in churches/supermarkets) 5 - Encourage residents’ families to visit more often - 6 - Search local libraries for magazines, music, videos and movies in the language required.
Christine 10th Dec 2019 Carer/OTA Assit
Hi everyone I am doing some light duties due to a injury assisting the OTA I am so new to this and was wondering if anyone can help me in what I could do when a resident reverts to their original language during activities. Please help sometimes I just smile and show her some hand movements to finish the task. But she gets agitated. Please help
Susan 12th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Kristine you are on the right track
Using hand movements and gestures help
You can also learn some positive words or the language she is speaking
You can also assume that she is answering your question and answer back in English
If this fails do an activity that does not require language such as
Cue cards
Susan 13th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Christine 17th Dec 2019 Carer/OTA Assit
Thanks Susan thanks so much.I appreciate your time in replying. I love this group. Great ideas. Which I will be using.

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