Tips for Communicating with English-Second-Language Clients

Tips for Communicating with English-Second-Language Clients

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Activity staff need to communicate effectively with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in order to create conditions and programs sympathetic to their experiences.

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Susan 15th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Becky
You can use this resource
You could also use the cue cards on Golden carers
You may have to adapt and modify them to your particular needs
I have used Google and type in a sentence in English and then said in Spanish the sentence comes up and the little microphone by it will play it
I do not know how many languages you can use but it’s worth a try
There are also translation apps that you can use
Becky 14th Mar 2022 Director Of Life Enrichment
Does anybody have any good websites they have seen about this? Also, any good websites on what baby boomers will be looking for when they enter LTC?

Solange 1st Dec 2015 Diversional Therapist
What a good idea Satomi. Best wishes!
Satomi 1st Dec 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator
My situation is different. I'm a Japanese background. Most of my residents use English as a mother tongue. When I conduct "Cross Word Puzzle", "Tongue Twisters" or "Story Telling", sometimes they show me their puzzled faces. I ask "What did I say?" After spelling out the word, they pronounce the word correctly for me. The room turned to an English class room. Most of time they are happy to teach me and I use this as an activity.

I use this technique for other language culture people. So we learn a few different words in French, Dutch, South Africana, Germany, etc.

Regis Ferny Grove 19th Mar 2019
Why not, as long as you can all have fun and enjoy the activity.