Tips for Communicating with English-Second-Language Clients

Tips for Communicating with English-Second-Language Clients

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Activity staff need to communicate effectively with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in order to create conditions and programs sympathetic to their experiences.

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Solange 1st Dec 2015 Diversional Therapist
What a good idea Satomi. Best wishes!
Satomi 1st Dec 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator
My situation is different. I'm a Japanese background. Most of my residents use English as a mother tongue. When I conduct "Cross Word Puzzle", "Tongue Twisters" or "Story Telling", sometimes they show me their puzzled faces. I ask "What did I say?" After spelling out the word, they pronounce the word correctly for me. The room turned to an English class room. Most of time they are happy to teach me and I use this as an activity.

I use this technique for other language culture people. So we learn a few different words in French, Dutch, South Africana, Germany, etc.

Regis Ferny Grove 19th Mar 2019
Why not, as long as you can all have fun and enjoy the activity.