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Tammi 22nd Mar 2019 Connections Activities Coordinator
What are some activities to do during the evening (right after supper). We have activities doing an activity from 5:45-6:45 3 days a week. I am in memory care so most are sundowning and it can be very difficult to have complex activities. So far I have collected doing a karaoke night, molding with play dough, movie night, and balloon volleyball. Card games are very complex during the evening, as well as word games. Do you have any other suggestions?
Solange 22nd Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Tammi, yes, late afternoon and early evening can be very challenging. You could try Sing-along, Finish the Proverbs, Things that Go Together, Name 3 Word Game, Easter Bingo, Easter Poster, Mandala Colouring, Fun Riddles.
Susan 22nd Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi Tammi
Here are some suggestions given to Nikola also looking for evening activities
I love the idea of a resident choral group
They can also perform for family members at special occasions
Besides playing card bingo if this is too complicated try a game called one
Do use one die
Have each player roll the die if they get a one then they pass the die to the next person
If not they write down the number they rolled and roll again adding the numbers together
They can keep rolling and adding numbers or you can say they can only have two or three turns
If this is too complicated then just have them roll the die and see who gets the highest number
A lot of cheering has to go on white you're playing the game
Let me know if you need more details about any of the activities
Jean 25th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi Tammi,
I am considering open a pub 3 evenings a week. We will have refreshments and snacks but I will not be able to serve alchol (due to meds etc) I would like to create a pub environment with all the traditional pub decor where we play 'pub games' darts dominoes etc. I am hoping that this project will get the go ahead from my manager as i believe it will fill that difficult time slot
Susan 25th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Sounds like a great idea I wish you luck
Elisa 28th Mar 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
I wouldn't recommend doing physical games after supper even if residents are sundowning as it tends to increase adrenaline production and can increase agitation.
I used to run a men's night and a ladies night, prayer group, games night, sing along. But the best one I had was "tai-chi". I watched a couple of videos and got my own routine that I repeated every week with soft music, and an essence diffuser.
Elisa 28th Mar 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
Hi Jean,
I hope you get the go ahead with the pub. I had one in one of the homes I worked in but unfortunately did not work for us.
I thought I could share the points where we failed.
- the pub was out of the way and difficult to find.
- the bar was against a wall to save space so one couldn't talk to the "bartender"
- The bar was the normal height so wheenchar users couldn't use it.
Hope you find this useful
Jeanine 28th Mar 2019 Activity Director/Recreation Therapist
I would suggest doing some sensory soothing activities. Quiet music in a room with essential oils, maybe some hand massages, coloring club (as others have suggested), chair yoga or chair chi, or some kind of sensory/like art project like clay or paper mache, or even a water color project. Definately something calm and soothing and low stim! Good luck!
Susan 28th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Great thoughts Elisa and Jeanine
I am sure they will be helpful
Jean 30th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for the advise. We will have a small bar but 2 or 3 tables and chairs where we can play dominoes etc. We have put a large TV on the wall and as the residents loose interest in the table games etc we will put on a sports or comedy DVD etc. I am hoping to use this space between 6 - 8 PM as an activity period (rather than sleep therapy). Thank you for the warning about the positioning of the bar Elisa, I want it to be permanently 'manned' by a colleague leaving me free to engage the residents at the tables.
Susan 30th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Sounds good Jean
Let us know how it works out
Jean 11th Apr 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan, The bar is in place, there is a large TV on the wall and 3 tables each with 4 chairs. Dart board and pub decorations still to go up, the staff and residents have been asked to submit ideas for a name for the pub. i'm excited about the project. and looking forward to our opening night.
Susan 13th Apr 2019 Activity Director
This sounds great Jean I know it will work out for you You may have to give it a little time
Involving all in deciding the name is a good idea
Margo 29th Apr 2019 Lounge Carer
I work in the evenings in a secure dementia unit. Activities I have done is "what's in the bag". Residents have to feel the bag and guess what's in it. We put out washing for residents to fold. Great to have socks where they have to find the matching pair. We've had plastic pipes (the ones used for plumbing) that they love to connect and unconnect. We've put things in different size and shaped containers so they have to take lids off and work out what size lid goes with which container.
Susan 30th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Good ideas Margo thank you

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