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Gerlinde 28th Mar 2019 Lifestyle Manager
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone used Seated exercise/Yoga/Tai Chi videos on Youtube and if so could you share any that have worked well?
Susan 28th Mar 2019 Activity Director
I know Elisa had great success with Tai Chi
I am hopeful she will share some more information with us
I know how Tai Chi is very good for movement and balance
in fact many physical therapists recommend it
Elisa 28th Mar 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
Hi Gerlinde,
I tried some YouTube videos for the residents to follow but did not have much success as they were not able to follow them easily. The group I had had moderate to severe cognitive impairment.
In the end I just watched a bunch of videos and created my own routine that I could adapt each day with more repetition of less moves if the group was tired that day.
For yoga and exercises, I don't have much info although I would think that each group will find a different video they enjoy. Make a selection an try them out with the residents until you find one that works.
Elisa 28th Mar 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
My colleage likes Zumba videos by this lady.
Susan 29th Mar 2019 Activity Director
ELISE you always have such great insight
You could try this DVD that has gentle chair exercises with Tai Chi moves
Debbie 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I went on u tube and found Sherry Zak Morris, uplifting music, simple exercises its yoga seated in the chair, the ones we used before got boring, she is really good, I even exercise to her at my home. Have a awesome time, people will really like the music!
Susan 10th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Debbie for this information it is very helpful
Debbie 11th Apr 2019 Activity Director
You are welcome Susan
Kelly 12th Apr 2019
We used to have a lady from Zumba Gold come in to us they specialise in arm chair exercise and exercise for disabillities the residents loved it . We could get an average of 10 taking part with the full hr , some wandering in and out and some just liked to watch and listen to the music. Due to budgeting costs we dont have her come at the moment. But I bought some dvds on line called MOVE IT OR LOOSE IT these are armchair based exercise routines a little calmer than the zumba and go down well with our residents.
I also use a Black lace cd (cant go wrong with a party cd) with all sorts on it Agado, Okey Cokey, Time warp, the conga, YMCA, everyone knows the songs and actions so we just get silly even all the staff and visitors join in with these its amazing how the silly songs seem to make everyone in the home smile and cheer up.
I also have ribbons and pom poms, flags and scarves to try to disguise light exercise as some times when I ask
"would you like to join in with the exercise session this afternoon?"
I get a lot of replies like I dont do exercise, Exercise? no!!!.
If I prance around the room with ribbons or something similar I get a lot of smiles and residents prancing with me.

What did you do at work today Kelly well I did the conga and time warp and danced about with some ribbons. lol (god I love my job)
Fiona 13th Apr 2019
Thank you for all your tips, really appreciated!!
Susan 14th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Wow Kelly that is amazing You really know how to get into it
Kathy 16th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Our residents love the Stronger Seniors Workout videos by Anne Pringle Burnell which are chair exercises. I've tried to get them to change, but they always tell me that they like these the best! I've ordered them from Amazon in the past.
Susan 16th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for your input Kathy

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