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simonne 28th Mar 2019 Support worker

Lifestyle officer leaving next week, I must run memory care and regular age care floors
How is this possible?

Susan 29th Mar 2019 Activity Director
This will be hard read this article to help you with stress
Just do the best you can
Susan 30th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Here is some more advice

I assume this is a temporary situation and they are actively looking for someone to help you

Make sure you talk to your boss to tell them how difficult this will be but you will do your best
See if you can get help from other staff volunteers or family members
You should work in the memory care unit and have easy to do activities in the other section

You could even incorporate some of the residents who are higher functioning and are willing to help you
Have plenty of independent activities available such as word searches other written activities that residents could do, books easy to do games and other things that are of interest to the resident s

You should check on them from time to time to make sure that the residents are not bored

As I said before do your best that's all you can do
Kaye 13th Apr 2019 Activities Assistant
Dear Simonne,

Please look after your own self.

I'm not sure how you will manage the stressful situation (do you have access to casual activity staff?) but do not risk your own physical and mental health.

Meditate each morning and put out good vibes.

Good luck!

simonne 13th Apr 2019 Services Coordinator
My head is hurting already and its the weekend!

I did not agree to this in the interview but now goal posts have changed.

They dont even give me money for resources.. I pay then they pay me back.. this is not a respectful place to work.
simonne 13th Apr 2019 Services Coordinator
No volunteers, manager cant seem to follow up on those that call. No family help. I cant manage it all. No casual activity staff... just me and the nurses.
Susan 14th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Good advice K aye
Thank you
Heather 20th Apr 2019 Diversions Therapist
I hear what you are saying,
It seems to be the norm in this job.
Just do what you can, and leave what you can’t. Remember you are one person, I try to prioritise my day, then give the best quality time to who I can. I have found working in a good team of care staff helps. Their job is not easy also, I try to help them when I can and in return they try to help me. This will only work with good staff, not all are willing to return the help. Can’t offer any suggestions with management, I have been here for 11 years and nothing ever changes, except the level of effort that is expected continues to climb, while the level of support falls.
You are not on your own.
Susan 20th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Unfortunately Heather is right in certain situations
You could see what else is out there
I know it is hard to change facilities because you have to learn the residents all over again but sometimes it is worth it if the new place is better than the old
I did work at one place for only 10 months and then I went to a different place and stayed there for 15 years
So sometimes there are better options out there you just have to look
Cathy 23rd Apr 2019
A few years ago I was stressed and needed more time so I did a "time and Motion" study for 2 weeks and submitted it to my E.O. who thought my job was "easy". I wrote down every interaction with a resident ( getting a blanket, TLC chat, offering extra drinks etc), staff member interactions re residents and care, phone calls to family and entertainers etc, extra tasks asked of me by the C.N. as well as my regular duties and documentation. I have to tell you that I not only got more hours but also long needed recognition by the E.O. that lifestyle is NOT all bowls and bingo! Oh! and I have also done a staff education on the process of idea - developing to running and evaluating an activity. They did not realize how involved it all was!! I have care staff that refuse to cover lifestyle shifts as it's too hard!! Keep a personal diary and write everyday your tasks and any interruptions etc to go back to if you have any disputes about your work.
Susan 24th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Great advice Cathy
Hopefullyher boss and and other staff will be as understanding as yours

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