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Clare 10th Apr 2019 Retired
We are having the nursery children joining us for a 30 minutes of our session after our Easter Service .The room will be quite crowded! Has anyone got any ideas for songs or activities on Easter or Springtime that we can do?
Susan 11th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Hi Clare
It is so nice that you have young children visiting the residents I know they will love it
I think a sing-along is a nice idea because doesn't take up that much space you need to sing songs that they are all familiar with
Here is an idea from Golden Carers
You could sing songs like here comes Peter Cottontail and Hot cross buns
Before you start you may want to have the kids jump in place like a bunny because they can get restless
You could talk about nursery rhymes and say them
Let everyone join in
Here are some nice activities on Golden Carers
You could also read an interactive short story about Easter such as the Easter donkey or read a chicken soup for the soul Easter story such as the Easter dress
Make sure it is interactive and not too long
Let me know if you need more ideas

Susan 12th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I thought of a few more ideas you can play I spy similar to this except instead of thinking of things you see on an outing think of things that are in the room that you will be in
Or play Simon says but instead of Simon the Easter bunny says

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