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Christine 14th Apr 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi - I'm trying to find a printable weekly activities calendar that I can add pictures etc. Tried a few files but can't seem to get a weekly one.
Susan 15th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Here is sample calendars weekly and monthly
I do use Microsoft word to create a template
I can send you one of mine that you can alter as needed if you give me your email address or if you want I can walk you through how to do it it really isn't that hard
I think golden Carers has a copy of mine you can ask them for it also
Christine 15th Apr 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
[email protected] - thank you very much
Susan 16th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I will send you something tomorrow
Susan 17th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I did send you the calendar I hope I got your email correct
Christine 17th Apr 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
yes thanks got it
Susan 17th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Great as I said you are going to have to make some modifications because it didn't go through exactly as it was but you can use the shell of it anyway I hope it works out for you let me know if I can be of further help
Jacinta 22nd May 2020 Activity Coordinator
Is there just a DOC weekly calendar that we would be able to use. I see the samples but that's not what I need. I'm in need of a printable weekly calendar and not just the monthly calendar
Susan 22nd May 2020 Activity Director
Have you looked at the sample calendars

I made a weekly calendar template that I used to use Using Microsoft word

Have you tried using the tool kit
Talita 25th May 2020
Hi Jacinta, there is a word doc template for a weekly program here if that helps:
Maurice 17th Jun 2020
Hi Christine!

Good question, we really do need to create some great templates, you're not the first to ask!

Weekly calendars are high on our list of todos. There are a few examples mentioned above, but we want to create weekly calendar downloads that are as visually nice and easy to use as our monthly calendars.

You may have seen that we now have a really nice weekly calendar view in Toolkit - it lets you visualise your upcoming calendar weekly, and schedule your activities, but we don't have a corresponding PDF/Word Doc template.

We are working on this :)

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