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Mary 17th Jun 2019
Does anyone have ideas for a morning activity other than exercise? We do exercise, parachute time, balloon volleyball.
Thank you
Susan 18th Jun 2019 Activity Director
I think you can do almost any activity in the morning as long as your residents like what do you are doing
Perhaps you can bring this up at an upcoming up resident Council meeting
You can suggest things like trivia word games and other games that are fun
I like math activities such an as the new one suggested this week
There are some other games that were suggested this week that you might be interested in as well
A good idea also is to have a morning tea or a morning coffee as suggested by these links on golden Carers
Gina 18th Jun 2019 Experience Coordinator
Hi Mary,
I have found that a lot of our day care clients and residents really enjoy coffee and the daily crossword in the mornings. So many people think that they are not very good at crosswords, however we find that by giving easy clues we always get to finish it.
Maybe on a Sunday songs of praise, we find that everyone remembers the words to popular hymns.
Good luck,

Molly 19th Jun 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Mary,

I love the ideas offered in this thread! Trivia is a resident favorite for us and we try to get outside in the morning too if the weather is nice.
Jean 27th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator
We break the morning armchair exercise routine with a once a week Sing Along. It is a really good breathing work out but the time flies as we use the the residents favourite songs.
Susan 27th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Good idea Jeanne thank you
Osborne 28th Jun 2019 Activites Coordinator
We are used to help the kitchen peeling potatoes and carrots, or preparing a fruit salad. This gives us the chance to have a chat while working on coordination and flexibility of fingers and hands.
Susan 29th Jun 2019 Activity Director
This is a good idea Osborne
However in the US you have to be careful about infection control
You may not be able to use the food at the residents have prepared

Make sure to check this out
The residents can still do this with the food that was going to be thrown out anyway
You could go to a grocery store and ask them for a donation of food

Thank you for this idea Osborne
Teresa 1st Jul 2019 Activity Director
We change it so morning people get a variety of things to do. Yes I know consistency can be key so we do have our everyday things such as daily chronicles, music and daily word search, but exercise is in am 3x week and sing a long is 1 to 2x week in am depending on my group cognition at that time. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t feel like you have to have physical every morning it is ok to have a quiet morning a few days a week for those that don’t like exercise.
Susan 1st Jul 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Teresa you have been a big help good ideas
Gina 4th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator
Hi Mary, I have a small exercise group that loves to exercise to fun songs. We row to "Row Row Row your boat" or pretend to ride a bike to the fun song of "Bicycle built for two". So its more fun and they don't think about the exercise. I also started a monthly drawing and whenever they come to my avtivities they get their name in a basket. At the end of the month A winner will be drawn. ( They love prizes)
Also, a small dnce group, even chair dancing is fun. Hope this helps!
Elizabeth 4th Jul 2019 Activities Director
Hey there,
I am currently working as an Recreation Director in a long term care facility. Most of our Residents have dementia. In the morning everyday we do morning stretching, sometimes we put on some up beat music and bop a balloon around with the Residents in a circle, after exercise we go to the dining room for Coffee Social which usually runs 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. At Coffee Social we offer beverages and pastries and I always have an assortment of activities for everyone to choose from such as but not limited to word-searches, crosswords, coloring, doll therapy, pet therapy (electronic stuffed animals), magazines, picture books, trivia, puzzles, etc. They enjoy it when we read aloud the current events/ newspaper. Hope this helps!

Recreation Director, Coleman House
Susan 4th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Hi all
This article on goal then Carers may help all of you with your exercise program

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