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Ashley 1st Sep 2019 Activities Director
Hello all! There is a day that we don't have any activity staff available to run activities coming up. I feel bad, and know this isn't the biggest deal if the seniors don't have organized activities to do for one day, however, I am wondering if this had happened to any of you and what you did? I was planning to just put out board games and puzzles on all the tables and pass out a note to all residents the day before saying that all activities on that day will be self run. Please let me know if you have any other advice! Thanks.
Karen 1st Sep 2019 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Hmm, this is a really tricky one. I don't imagine your home would employ volunteers? I know the care staff are too busy. It's good, leaving board games and puzzles on tables. But they really need someone to interact with them. I suppose during the week you could tell some of the more high functioning residents, to go round and ask the others if they want to play that board game with them. And you could ask the residents how they found the weekend without activities and how they feel about that. The only other thing I can think of is getting a carer to put on DVDs for them. The last thing we want to do is add to a carers workload, but if any of them agree or they are free, they could read a quiz to them?
Susan 1st Sep 2019 Activity Director
Read this comment for ideas
Karen thoughts are good also
Maria 4th Sep 2019 Activity Director
I have an activity box (plastic box with locking lid) set up for each unit at my SNF. It has coloring pages, colored pencils, markers, crossword/word search/sudoku books, blank greeting cards, stickers, small puzzle, cards, etc. Pretty much anything that I can think of for individual entertainment. I have a list on the top of the box of the contents and I periodically refurbish it. This way, at least the CNAs/staff can pull something out of the box if my staff is not available. Good luck!
Solange 4th Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Maria, this is a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for sharing it.
Solange 4th Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Ashley and Karen. Ashley, you are on the right track, your ideas would solve the activity problem to many residents. Karen ideas are also worth considering. Volunteers can run many activities competently. Thank you both for sharing.

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