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Evangeline 18th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Isolation Ideas!
This is a hard time for so many people! Lets come together and share our creative/simple/easy/interesting one on one ideas!

High needs, Low needs, Dementia specific, anything you have, lets hear it!

Sending you all love during this difficult time

Susan 19th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Evangeline
Thanks for your love
The last several posts by members have had some great ideas
I cannot emphasize enough what a simple phone call might do to cheer up someone’s day
Also make sure you keep on a happy face because residence and clients pick up on your mood
Telling jokes is always good because it makes people laugh
Carla 19th Mar 2020 Recreation Assistant
Hi everyone! I'm so worried about our residents emotional needs during this time! Thanks for the above ideas. I'm also thinking about interactive ideas like penpal-ing with staff, maybe providing paper and writing prompts like biography questions. Can anyone recommend any "Getting to Know You" or similar templates? Love and luck to all!
Liz 20th Mar 2020
I'm making daily packets that include word puzzles, the Day in HIstory trivia page from here, and a coloring page printed on cardstock. I make about 25 a day, they don't all get picked up. Next to the pile of them is a basked filled (and re-filled) with pencils, pens, and boxes of 12 coloring pencils.

I've also been collecting yarn from thrift shops, and have some patterns printed out and crochet hooks and knitting needles available. I ordered 2-gallon Ziplock bags that I have filled with yarn, and hope to put them out.

I'm an Activity Assistant who started working at a retirement/assisted living facility less than a month ago. So, I got to lead a few activities. Now I'm organizing and inventorying our craft supplies.

I'm hoping to get some embroidery hoops, and make little craft kits with those; and maybe cross stitch too.

I'm also going to ask if I can have some $$ to make Easter baskets for everybody. I've found brand-new playing card boxes at thrift shops, and want to order Tangle Toys which are a fidget toy that you can get imprinted with a message. I got one at a caregiver conference and love it.

We aren't doing 1-on-1 visits, and I don't know if that's going to happen. I hope so. I don't really know the residents yet, but am hoping to get more solitary craft activities happening.
Meaka 20th Mar 2020 Activity Cordinator
Hello! I work in assisted living community. We are doing games in our halls. Residents sit in thier doorway and do activities we such as:
* BINGO (using printable BINGO cards)
*Yahtzee (We purchased several sets of dice, so that each resident wanting to play has a set, and sanitize the dice after we finish playing on the hall has a set)
*Sing A Longs
*Bible Study
I plan on trying exercises this way tomorrow.

I also printed several games and activities such as:
crosswords, word search, Sudoku, coloring pages, I spy
We are having contests for each game with prizes.
You can also order crafts that come in individual packets to hand out.
I am teaching residents individually to set up and use any form of social media that enables them to keep in contact with family and friends.
Also our library is a great source. Not only can you rent books but also movies and cds at no charge!
Since our residents usually get out twice a week to shop but are unable to at this time I am also getting lists and shopping for the items they need to help keep them happy. Hope I helped and good luck to everyone during this time.
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Liz
You obviously are a great asset to your residents
Do you date ideas for specific activities??
Thank you for sharing
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Carla
Here is a template you might find useful you can all through it for your own purposes
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Meaka
It sounds like you’re really getting into your new position and I am sure the residents appreciate all your effort
Thank you for sharing your new ideas
They will be helpful to others I am sure
Solange 22nd Mar 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Liz, Congratulations, so new at your job and so resourceful! Well done. Thank you for sharing.
Dianna 25th Mar 2020 Activity Director
were did you get the printable bingo cards
Marilyn 26th Mar 2020 Director Of Resident Engagement
Just outside Austin, TX in a large Memory Care community.
We're instructed to keep the residents 3-6 ft apart, no shared equipment that cannot be sterilized before someone else touches it (i.e. balls, jigsaw puzzles, etc).
We are doing lots of Kickball and word games on the white boards.
A favorite is Name 5. Pick a category ( and the list is endless) such a states, cities, things you find in a kitchen, sport games, etc. The residents shout out an answer and it gets written on the white board.
Ya'll stay safe and well!

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