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Eileen 17th Jul 2020 Activity
Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well especially during this time. I find the information and activities you are sharing extremely helpful and mostly at this time. I have one question to ask! In relation to recording, documentation do any one of you have suggestions? on how best to document information? to capture activity participation sessions best. I would be grateful for all the advise.thanks in advance.
Susan 17th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Eileen I have one more thing that might help
Mary Lynn 18th Jul 2020 Activities Director
You can make a grid or chart ( spread sheet or template to help). Itemize the acivities and then "check" off their participation
Patient: Name Here
1. Balloon Ball (Hitting balloon with foam noodle)
______Enjoys ______Tries to enjoy ______ Little interest _______ no involvement
2. Arts and crafts
______Enjoys ______finds it difficult ______Enjoys but difficult _______ not interested
This is just a very rough draft but hope its helpful :) Good luck
Susan 18th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Mary Lynn
Thank you for this information it should be very helpful
Florence 12th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi everyone I hope you're keeping well and safe , I just to ask if anyone can help me , I have been asked to do an activity plan draft for future plan ,I have never done one more seen one . Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Florence
Activity coordinator

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