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Vicky 7th Jan 2021 lifestyle 360
Does anyone have a participation sheet that has a space for the type of activity as well as names?
Susan 7th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Vicky
Another alternative is to use the toolkit
Heather 18th Oct 2016
management tells me we need tick sheets, not sure if its a legal requirement for accreditation but do as I am directed, I hated the old ones which had numbers 1 no participation 2 passive participation 3 participation with support. MM all high care residents need support one way or another therefore I felt it meant nothing, so I changed over to this way. I find it is has more meaning for high care as many residents sit and listen to trivia, music etc and engage in their own little way, you just need to be observant. thanks for sharing this.
Mariann 11th Oct 2016 Recreation Director
Does anyone know of a way to convert the Daily attendance form from a PDF file to microsoft word file? I cant seem to use the forms because they are in pdf. Thanks
Maurice 3rd Nov 2016
Hi Mariann,

We have just added a Word Document version to this resource :). Just click the images with the blue "Doc" icon on it.
MARYANN 30th Apr 2014 Diversional Therapist/Lifestyle Manager
So Raelene what do you use
Raelene 12th Dec 2013 Manager
We actually dont need attendance records for the purpose of accreditation. I find this type of roll call formula really un person centred. We focus on having Activity Memberships where people including residents, staff and family can sign up for activities more appropriate and take care to evaluate activities every month.
Kate 5th Dec 2013 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
with our daily participation sheets there is space to comment on residents response etc. I like your sheets but do we need that extra bit of information for accreditation purposes. appreciate every thing you do