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amy 4th Dec 2012 Clinical Nurse Consultant
just wondering if any one has a list of movies suitible to play in my facility. Saturday afternoons is " movie afternoon" . Im searching for movies that are classics as well as older movies that my residents will enjoy. The resident age from 70 - 102 years old. Any Help would be appreciated - oh and music too would also be appreciated, bands, song titles etc etc
Madeleine 6th Dec 2012 Recreation Activites Officer
We have a gentleman at our self care facility who puts on old musicals every weekend. High Society, Singing in the Rain, Roman Holiday, Sound of Music, Oklahoma etc. The other residents enjoy the old movies and some will sing along.
Kerry 6th Dec 2012 Recreation
Hi Amy
The residents at our care facility love to watch Daniel O'Donnell music DVD's and the men really enjoy Foster & Allen Music DVD's. As for movies both our ladies and gents enjoy westerns James Stewart is a favourite also who could forget the great John Wayne. Elvis Presley and musicals such as South Pacific are popular. Recently we enjoyed Ma & Pa kettle series. Also check the tv guide Oldtime movies tend be on in the afternoon. I have also shown new release series, Call the Midwife & Downtown Abbey. Children and animals are also popular Little Rascals is quite funny and Greyfriars Bobby & Old Yeller have had a few showings. Visitors tend to stay and watch movies with their family members. Usually they don' leave until the end which is wonderful. Hope this helps
David 6th Dec 2012 Diversional Therapist
just to name a few classic movies (the obvious ones) - Casablanca, Oklohoma, Sound of Music, The King & I, Fiddler on the Roof, Gone with the Wind, Singing in the Rain etc.

I find the men like classics like The Dirty Dozen, the Clint Eastwood westerns, WW2 movies e.g. D-Day, The Longest Day, James Bond & Stanley Kubrick movies for the slightly younger males.

See if an ABC shop can donate some old ballet videos e.g. Nutcracker, Swan Lake.
Contempary movies surpisingly do well if they're appropriate, and some kids/Disney movies actually do well if they're not too 'kiddy-like' - e.g. Warhorse, Finding Nemo, Racing Stripes, Red Dog, Sectretariat.

Of course Andre Reiu DVDs work very well for a musically themed showing.

As for music - just to name a few - Elvis Presley, the Beattles, Johnny Cash, Vera Lynn, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin.

Hope that helps...
Annette 6th Oct 2013 Activity Officer
Amy, i find Andre' Rue...not shore how to spell his surname....the violinist, after lunch our programme is quiet time in our dementia area. I put on Andre' and our ladies just love Him...there glued to the tv.....i find this great and they discuss how gorgeous he is, how beautiful the ladies dresses are. There's so many different titles to choose from...even when i can't change the language to English they still love it.

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