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Kayla 18th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi everyone!
I am starting as an Activity Coordinator beginning of December. With COVID and the cases in our area rising, we are sadly planning for a lockdown christmas. Any ideas on what special things we can do Christmas Eve and Christmas day? We are setting up video calls with families, Christmas morning gift bags, Movie on christmas eve with some snacks etc. I'm still trying to think of something super fun and special for them, any ideas will be helpful.
Thank you!
Susan 18th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kayla
It sounds like you have a really good start
Here are some other ideas
Here is a fun activity that you can do it anytime bank Christmas and you could do it with video calls to you also could sing Christmas carols and video calls
Here are some more ideas that you could share on a video call
You may have to adapt some of these ideas to make them Covid friendly

Kayla 18th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thank you!
I really enjoy those recommendations! However, i'm looking for something a little different than activities. Something i can do in small groups/individually that will make them feel special and loved on the holiday. We have a lot of residents who don't keep in touch with family and we are who they have. With COVID i am trying to brainstorm ideas that will be special for them. Possibly a light show in our backyard, a Photo tree etc. Just wondering what others might have planned to make their residents feel the joy of the holidays :)
Jenna 19th Nov 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi There. as we cannot have the kinder kids in again yet we continue to do zoom calls with them and we are organising a carols singalong with them over the zoom with our residents, so we have started to practise, we have the song books etc. kids around Christmas is super important to the residents.
Susan 19th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for the information Jenna
Susan 19th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Kayla
This ornament sounds like it might be a good idea
You have some great ideas
Along the idea of a photo of three you could make a photo wreath
Perhaps you can help the resident make a wreath of statements that are saying why you and other staff members love them
You could do this using this linked garland or use the garland for something else.

Camelia 19th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
Hi kayla! I am a lifestyle coordinator in UK. Today, I'll try to make Christmas yarn balls. I've bought fairy lights and Led candles- both bargain deals on Amazon. I'm planning to display them on windows' edges. Are loads of videos on YouTube and they are very easy making. Also, paper stars decorations would be another easy activity without spending a big amount of money.
Susan 20th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for this information Camellia
Chris 23rd Nov 2020 Activity Director
We are doing room to room also , need ideas , I feel like i'm doing the same thing over and over , sigh

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