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Sally 12th Dec 2020 Marketing
Christmas Celebration ideas??? Although we cannot celebrate like the good old days, no eating, no entertainers, no singing, keep socially distant - what are you doing to keep Christmas spirit and the spirit of your seniors happy?

Solange 13th Dec 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sally, until restrictions are eased we must adhere to physical distancing and current requirements for gathering sizes specified by management. Yes, 2020 Christmas will be rather forlorn everywhere. The phone will play a big role in connecting residents with families. Apart from that, I would rely on music, moral support, delicious food, booklets with trivia entertainment (Find the Differences, Wordsearch, poems, Movie Trivia, Sport quizzes, etc.) Here are a couple of activities for you to try:
1. With your mask in place visit each resident with a large decorated mason jar. Encourage each one to write what they are grateful for in the year 2020 despite its shortcomings. This activity incorporates one on one visit, moral support, and extra care. You may or may not read the positive messages in the jar for all to hear (at coffee break or lunch) without divulging their names.
2.Make a compilation of the names of songs each resident would like to hear (their favorites) and use your PA to play the songs. You may write down what each resident is reminded of when listening to it. (make sure only songs that bring happy memories). Ask for permission to divulge it through the PA. Some will allow you and others may not. This activity will bring good memories and distract them from sadness.
Remember we are all together in it and we will beat it!
Susan 14th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sally
Have you read the replies to Amy’s post
I think you will find some good ideas there
If you need more ideas let us know

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