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Amy 24th Nov 2020 Activation Aide
Hi Everyone! We have recently found out that we are to have no Christmas decorations due to the pandemic. I am trying to come up with some creative ways that we could celebrate and decorate, and be COVID safe. Still waiting for approval of what is and isn't approved, but this is at least a start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Susan 24th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Amy
Of Course you have to follow the guidelines of your administrator
I think these articles will help you
If you need more ideas let me know and if you have some good ideas please share them
Thank you
Solange 24th Nov 2020 Diversional Therapist
Hi Amy, I am sorry you can't decorate. I assume what is not allowed is the fact that residents are not to make the decorations. You could try decorating with plants and artificial flowers with the help of a volunteer. Keep safe.
Olivia 25th Nov 2020 Recreation Director
Hi Amy,
I'm curious as to why? Not trying to be argumentative but wondering if there is a scenario we may be missing? or a risk? What is the reasoning?
Karen 25th Nov 2020 Activity Professional
Hi Everyone. Not having Christmas decorations because of Covid has me thingking of what to put out. Amy, thanku for bringing up the topic. I went to the garden we have at work and cut sprigs of Rosemary and Thyme. I put them in Ice Blue color Mason Jars n put on my activity tables. Its safe. Has wonderful scents n looks Holiday like. Attach red bows around the jars!

Amy 25th Nov 2020 Activation Aide
While these are all lovely ideas, we can't have any of the above. I do not know the exact reasoning behind not being allowed any decorations, but it literally means no decorations at all, unless they can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes any time they may be touched. This also includes hanging décor, where the virus may sit on it for some time. This is coming from public health, or someone higher then staff here in our facility. I am thinking that laminating will be our best bet!
Susan 25th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Wow Karen
Thank you for this information
I’m sure it will be helpful
Diane 25th Nov 2020 Activity Therapist
Hi all we are the same,just been informed no decorations or trees allowed in the homes. If anyone has any alternative ideas to what we can do instead ,was thinking of my residents colouring xmas themed pictures and laminating them so at least there is something in the home that is festive, both staff and residents need cheering up. Stay safe look forward to hearing your ideas.
Susan 26th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Amy
Can you put decorations up some sort in patients rooms??
Susan 26th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Amy
Sounds to me like you need a phone squad
Hopefully that staff volunteers and family members will help you
You need to have them call the residents every day to wish them holiday cheer maybe sing songs to them ask them trivia questions about Christmas etc.
I assume the residents phones are cleaned every day and the phone squad can call from an outside location
I think we are going to be having a vaccine in the US by mid December
Hopefully you will too
When this is over you can have a party for all the helped you

Can you have a volunteer squad have Christmas decorations that are mobile that they could display outside the facility
If they can do that then they could have a parade every displaying holiday decor
Diane 28th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator
Christmas window clings, garland hung high enough that no one could touch them, plastic wall hangings. I'm in the same boat but have a few things up.
Susan 29th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Diane
Great ideas
Thanks for the info
Elisa 8th Dec 2020 Senior Activity Coordinator
We are having some large windows painted by an artist and other windows painted with stencils by the staff.
Also we are asking families for more Christmas cards and each resident has a cardboard card holder in their room (as it is in their individual room we are allowed)
Susan 9th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Elisa
Thanks for sharing this information
One year we had our windows painted
They look very nice
taking the paint off was a job
I hope you have an easy time of it when the time comes
Maggie 15th Dec 2020
We are framing pictures of Christmas Trees and holiday pictures to put in each residents room!
Susan 15th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Maggie
That is a good idea
Thanks for sharing it
Sara 16th Dec 2020 Occupational Therapist
I have the same problem. I prepare an individual tray with materials for final decor and bring that to person's room. I show them an example and then I leave them to do for themself. After that I collect the decor and put it around the facility.
Susan 16th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sara
You are lucky that the residents are able to do it themselves because many facilities they cannot
Thanks for sharing

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