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Pearl 24th Dec 2020 Activity Director
I would like to see some weekly activity calendars during COVID. May be a traveling cart calendar, and other calendars that give ideas for isolation activities.
Susan 26th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Pearl
This article may help you
To give you more detail I need to know how locked down your facility is and the level of function of your residents
There are plenty of COVID-19 activities but it does depend on you facility and residents
pearl 29th Dec 2020 Activity Director
All of our units are on full precautions which means no group programs at all and residents are in their rooms. My concern is what kind of activity calendar does the state expect to see. Do you have any samples. I created a full December Calendar but under the current mandates I think a weekly calendar would be more sufficent.
Susan 29th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Pearl
I think you are right to do a weekly calendar because the situation could change rapidly
It seems like you would have to do all 1 to 1 activities
You could do hallway activities etc that are mentioned in this article
I do not have a Calendar for you to copy besides your facility is different
I like to use the term independent leisure activities
Take your activity packets out or work on the activity packets

Roving activities
Read this comment for additional ideas

Zoom time
You know your residents best and what you’re capable of doing so be creative
I do not think surveyors are that interested in calendars at this point in time because they know how fluid the situation is
I don’t know if someone could actually share a calendar with you
Let us know what you come up with
Rose 30th Dec 2020 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I have been doing the weekly calendar and they like them more than the monthly. Things do and can change at any time as directed by infection control nurse. It has changed for use 3 times. Its less disappointing to them because its only that week that has to be adjusted not the whole month. Hope that makes sense. I have kept the activities that they enjoy the most so room or hallway bingo, independent crafts, community service project giving to others give them purpose, contests with them or with staff and residents are judges, ways to keep them excited. Hope this helps.
Susan 30th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Rose
I did a monthly calendar and a weekly calendar
The weekly calendar had the menu on it on back of it
Not everyone wanted the weekly calendar but you are right things can change so the weekly calendar is more accurate
I gave everyone a monthly calendar as CMS recommends
I hung the monthly calendar and the weekly calendar and the menu in common areas
I also gave the weekly calendar to those who wanted it
Thank you for your input Rose
Susan 31st Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi again Rose
Would you mind taking a picture of a recent weekly calendar
I think this will help Pearl
Thank you
Michelle 9th Jan 2021 Activity coordinator
Do u do a weekly calender to give to residents as a monthly isn't good as they get confused
Susan 10th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Michelle
Usually the monthly calendar is small print so some do not see well
I did the weekly calendar in large print
Look at the sample calendar to see it
I always put the menu on the back of the weekly calendar
I only gave out the weekly calendar to those requested it and to those that staff felt needed it
I posted both in common areas And handed out the monthly calendar to all as the state requested this

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