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Michelle 12th Jan 2021 Assisitant To Director
Happy New Year to all.

I am looking for activities for our seniors that can not get out of their homes and just need a pick me up. We are a senior community center and they are driving by for activities. So far we have down a birdhouse , butterfly house, cookie decorating mugs filled with goodies....but I am running out of ideas....HELP!!!
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Michelle
Read this article and the comments that go along with it for ideas
I like the activity packet idea which you can change up every time you hand things out
Solange 22nd Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Michelle, you could try rain gauges to monitor rainfall, some may like it. Also, growing succulents, unraveling sweaters for recycling the wool, making tissue flowers for Mother’s Day, drawing famous artists' emulation pictures, making bookmarks, and Abayomi rag dolls as gifts.
Jen 26th Jan 2021 Recreation Therapist
We give our clients a booklet every week filled with wordsearch, crosswords, games, cartoons and more. We always include features like "this week in history", "animal of the week" as well as reminiscing pages, poetry, optical illusions and so much more. They love receiving the booklet and it gives them something to work on at home throughout the week. The booklet is usually 25-30 pages long and we keep things lighthearted and fun!
Susan 27th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jen
It is wonderful that you are able to make a book like this it sounds like a lot of work but you are doing a good job
Thank you for all you do

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