Beautiful and easy to make! Abayomi rag dolls are traditional of Africa and can be adapted to celebrate the native people of any country. They are also a lovely gift idea for any occasion.

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Beth 27th Jan 2024 Senior Center Director
How do you make a turban?
Donna 29th Jul 2021 Activities Director
I am going to try this. It will be a great activity for my african chair trip!!
Talita 1st Aug 2021
Thanks for your feedback Donna, love to hear how it goes!
Elizabeth 21st May 2021 Leisure And Health
I am going to attempt this next week, l will cut all the pieces out first and label each piece.
Susan 23rd May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Elizabeth
Let us know how it turns out
Ina 5th Nov 2018 Activities Coordinator
Cant wait to try this with my residents :)
vicki 1st Sep 2015 recreational facilities officer
My residents loved this, and so did we! A perfect way to use up scrap fabrics. We also made little necklaces with large beads. Will be doing this will make sure we have all the correct pieces cut first. thanks for a great activity!
Maurice 9th Jun 2015

Lovely feedback thank you, glad they enjoyed it!

Since the knots need to be trimmed anyway, one solution might be tying the knots with longer pieces of material so the loops are easier to make and handle, and then trimming the extra material at the end.
Solange 9th Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Julia, you may use lycra for easy making knots however, you must increase the width of the 'body' rectangle (by a quarter more) otherwise the doll will look too skinny. Best wishes!
Julia 9th Jun 2015 recreational officer
I tried this last weekend the residents loved the dolls but did find it a little difficult tying the knots. I loved it and tied many knots. Thank you.
Hayat 7th Jun 2015 Recreation Officer
It's lovely activities I will showing my residents next week I am sure they will love to make the little dolls ...
Marjorie 2nd Jun 2015
What a lovely item to make. I will be showing my Day Centre clients how to do this in July. I am sure they will adore their little dolls. Dawn