Create beautiful artwork from sticks and bark. A fun and engaging craft activity for seniors!
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  • Promote artistic expression


  • Wooden sticks, large and small, lots of them.
    Any sort of dried material easy to cut or break to size is suitable
  • Dried leaves and seeds
  • Cardboard pieces cut to any size you want to make your paintings, or if your budget permits, artistic canvas boards.
  • Paint (in pastel colors) and brushes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape or fabric to make a border.


  • Take participants on an adventure through a park, close to the shore, or through your own backyard to collect sticks, dried leaves and any material you deem suitable for a collage.
  • Prepare pieces of cardboard or canvases by painting in a pastel color. Allow to dry.
  • Cover the edges of the canvases with masking tape or fabric.
  • Place one canvas board in front of each participant.
  • Place plenty of materials near participants (sticks, bark, seeds, etc).
  • Encourage participants to use their creativity. Alternatively, give them a theme: Let's make an insect, furniture, abstract picture, farmhouse, fruits, animals, canoes, boats, etc.
  • Once participants finish, put work away to dry for a few hours or overnight.
  • They are ready for display!

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Deborah 23rd Jun 2017 Activities Coordinator
Love this idea. We are in a wooded area and my residents would enjoy using nature as their materials. We have gotten twigs of the trees before - or broken ones on the ground - and glued them on heavy paper to make a branch. Then cut out bird forms, colored or painted them and glued them to the stick/twig. It made a neat 3D effect and each one was different because of the shape and size of the twig. We also gathered rocks and painted them making our own pet rocks and talking about that fad/craze
Talita 26th Jun 2017
Thanks Deborah, love your ideas!
Liz 7th Jun 2017 Activities Officer
Thank you This looks great!
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