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Jean 19th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
HELP. COVID19 has ripped through the dementia home where I work and we have lost 33% of our residents. I will have to review my entire activities program and would appreciate feedback on the strategy that I have in place. Firstly I will review and assess the surviving residents (PAL) I will then have to implement an activities program, however I have to think about what I can do for each new resident as they move in. I would like this program to include, person to person activities (once or twice a week), morning exersise x 3 times a week, after lunch quiet time with background music (napping for those that need it, reading word search for those who have the ability, 2PM - 4PM interest group/club activity (includes a tea break) then 4PM - 5:00PM an hour of wind down individual activities in the lounge (music DVD's sing along etc). I have to go forward and see this as an opportunity to completely revise my program however until the new residents do arrive I can't see where I'm going!!. Do you think this basic will cover the ground and make it possible to give everyone 'something'. It is a 7 day week shared by 2 of us 10AM - 5:30PM. Sunday morning is dedicated to a church service for those who wish to attend. All your thoughts, ideas constructive critism feedback etc will be appreciated. Many thanks,
Susan 19th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
First if you want to people people activities you have to make sure that you have social distancing and residents need to wear masks
For exercise try some of these
Here are some of the covid 19 ideas
I think you need to have a memorial service to honor all the residents who passed away during the COVID-19 crisis
I think you need to see who comes in see what their likes dislikes and needs are before you could make a Calendar that would be valid for most
Solange 19th Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jean, I am sorry about your loss. You must be an experienced Activity Professional because your plan is rather good. Congratulations! A few activities you could incorporate into your schedule would be movies, drawing, jigsaw puzzles, shows (I love Lucy, Laurel & Hardy), YouTube concerts (Tina Turner, Michael Buble), Reminiscing: School Days. I wish you all the best with the new residents.
Jean 19th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
I do a Memory Club once a week that is multi sensory (reminiscing, includes food drink and music) and suitable for mixed ability, I like your idea about the YouTube concerts, will investigate that area. Jigsaw puzzles YES as I could do them in the wind down hour, thank you
Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Jean, how distressing for your village community to lose so many residents, my heart goes out to you and your families.
My PC offers a free app in which you can color paint with meditative music in the background. You can save this app to your laptop or tablet desktop for a small group of residents on large screen, or 1-1 programming for residents.
Even without wifi access, you can access if you have your won laptop or tablet at work.

Susan 24th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
The multi sensory memory club sounds like a good idea
Have you tried these ideas
Susan 24th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Darla
What is the name of the app you are talking about
Thanks in advance for sharing
Freya 26th Jan 2021 Activities Therapist
I work in a LTC facility on a unit with residents of varied ages... I do virtual visits with the residents and their loved ones because there is no in-person visitation. Hallway bingo, I bring the TV cart with the Wii and Xbox and let the residents play or watch a movie. I do creative arts in our hallways because there are no communal dining rooms open. I give out packets. Set the residents up on tablets with things of interest.. you could do a spa treatment individually. I would say start with a welcome package that includes a survey or when you do your initial assessment you can gage their interest.
Darla 27th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

In the microsoft store, there are a variety of paint and color options. I chose one that suited my needs, and meditative music choice.
Susan 27th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Freya for your input
It sounds like you are doing a great job
Keep up the good work
Jean 27th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
Thank you everyone for your input, it has helped to clear my mind regarding the foundation that I will be putting in place once this virus is behind us all and we have a new community of residents. Very keen to get the name of the app Darla. In the meantime Stay srong and look forward.

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