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Martin 20th Jan 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator
I have been tasked with putting together an activity for the residents for dignity day (1st Feb) but am struggling to come up with an idea. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
Susan 20th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Martin
What level of function do the residents have another word for that they capable of doing
Have a digna tea
Make a dignity tree
Here are some more ideas
Solange 21st Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Martin, you could celebrate by talking to your local school's Music Teacher and organizing a children's concert for your residents. You could also hold a showcase session with arts & crafts made by the residents and at the same time expose the dignified service you provide. Another idea is to have a group of residents make a colorful poster with words relating to 'Dignity'. Here are a few words you could use: JUSTICE - PEACE - EQUALITY - FREEDOM - HONOR - TRUTH - HOPE - BROTHERHOOD - STRENGTH - SUPPORT - ENDURANCE - UNITY - RESPECT - COURAGE - PERSEVERANCE - LOVE. All the best.
Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Dignity Day:
Taking the opportunity to share with care staff and nurses the importance of adaptive wear. Proper fitting and adjusting adaptive pants; catheter covers(handmade cloth materials to cover catheter bag) used and placed properly.
Speaking clearly and in common areas in the resident's most used language . In some cases, google translator app provides free service in all world languages for short simple words and speaking ability for proper pronunciation. For first nations/first people's languages not entered, reach out to your local community on website and ask for simple guide and support.
Always being mindful to introduce yourself to residents who are unable to see. Explain yourself and the care or intervention you are providing so they know what you are going to do. For residents unable to hear, a small dry erase white board with introduction and instruction is useful.
And of course, the most obvious, talk with all your residents in an adult tone and manner, and ask them for opinion, Engage in discussions, not just facilitating yourself reading or talking. Talk directly to the residents - and not around them- with other staff in the common areas.
And always remember "you work in the residents' homes; as opposed to they live in your place of work."
Martin, Thank you for bringing this important day to our attention, so we can share with other staff.
Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Thank you for the information:
Susan 30th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Martin
Check out this activity by Kathy
Martin 2nd Feb 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator
Thanks for all your help and great ideas. We had a lovely day and the residents really enjoyed themselves.

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