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Bernard 23rd Feb 2021 Retired Teacher Of English
My name is Bernard, I am French and live in France. I got interested in the idea of doing activities with elderly people in your care home.

My dad died a year vand a half ago in a French care home. He wasn't plagued by dementia but had no memory left.

I am no professional at all. I am 70 and would like to do something to entertain the residents, preferably one to one or a very small group to begin with. Could anyone help me out ?

God bless you all,


Susan 24th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Bernard
Where in France do you live??
Are you interested in doing something in person or writing a letter to someone or emailing someone??
Would you be interested in doing a Skype group??
With the pandemic still at hand I am not sure if people would let you into their facility
I think it this point you could offer to make calls or write letters to residents and perhaps when things are more normal you’ll be able to visit these people
I don’t live in France
How generous of you to offer to be a volunteer
Solange 24th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Bernard, that is so kind of you to spend time with the residents. If the restriction of the Pandemic is not so severe, you may start as a volunteer. Ask staff to help you choose 3 or 4 residents to play cards. Teach them easy games. Soon you will get to know them better and then you diversify; reading the news, and special interest articles, having your own ‘Happy Hour’, watching something exciting on TV, going for a walk in the park, assembling birdhouses kit.
Bernard 24th Feb 2021 Retired Teacher Of English
Thank you for all your kind replies.

As I mentioned, I live in France up in the north of France. Lille is the nearest large town, 15 miles away from where I live. Besides, I live half a mile from the Belgian border. I do not know where your location is.

I cannot actually be with you physically.

Therefore mailing or skyping could be an interesting idea. I, myself, am about to turn 70.

Too, I weekly video host a group of five to six people aged 60 and over and with heeding ideas from some of the kind people on this forum, we could think out and work out activities that would obviously need connecting with the residents using computer programs like Whatsapp or Meet or Zoom or Skype. The one I have rather a good command of is Google Meet (Gmail).

I am not a professional at all.

Looking forward to reading your emails,


Susan 25th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Bernard
I hope somebody that needs a volunteer contacts you because it sounds like you could benefit many people
Thank you again for your offer
Susan 13th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Jill 7th Jun 2022 Artist - Workshop Practitioner
Hello Bernard,
I am also a retired teacher and still feel I have a lot to give!
I am an Activities Coordinator in a Care Home in Cheshire, England. I am happy to send some of the activities I have done with the residents.
One thing that we have been able to do which is great is join in with an After School Club at a local Primary School.

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