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Lisa 11th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi, Has anyone done an armchair travel to Canada? I had a resident request to see the Canada, specifically out west. So far we have really loved the Travel videos on Golden Carers. Any suggestions for videos for this? Thanks
Talita 14th May 2021
Hi Lisa, a Canada armchair travel is scheduled in for the coming months!
Amy 17th May 2021 Life Enrichment Director
In the meantime, the Exposa travel videos on YouTube are always good ones-- my residents watch a lot of those!
Susan 18th May 2021 Activity Director
Hi Amy
Thank you for that information
Tara 28th Jan 2023 Life Enrichment Manager
On You tube, search “Canada Road Trip: Road to 150.”
There are 6-10 minute videos highlighting each province and Territory.

Our program is called “Trekking Canada” and we do one province/territory per month.
Add a colouring page of the provincial flag, flower, animal, historical events based on chosen province, group crossword, etc. and you’ve got yourself a Canadian Program! So many ways to celebrate Canada

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