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Tina 24th Jun 2021 life enrichment manager
Hello. I Want to know if i can get help on making monthly challeges
Each month each day something i can have my client do..i have it in my head what i want to make i need or two things they do different every day
Thankyou hope you can help
Mandy 24th Jun 2021 Certified Nursing Assistance
I would love to follow this I will think of ideas as well. Great idea
Susan 25th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tina and Mandy
Are you thinking about daily trivia daily puzzles or independent activities they can do??
Tina 25th Jun 2021 life enrichment manager
Something they can do each day different that they normaly dont do.
Like clean out dish washer sort the silverware match the socks together. Just ideas somebody can help
Susan 26th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tina
Like the idea of starting silverware and putting socks together
You could also have laundry basket full of laundry to be folded maybe children’s clothes or towels or washcloths
You could have people sweep
This sample of the dementia calendar may help you
This article may help you also
This article may help too
Emma 26th Jun 2021 HCA
i was thinking about getting our clients to make and organise mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.....cutting up bananas, making sandwiches.......
Susan 28th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Emma
How strict is your place about infection control??
You should always have the clients wear gloves
You could have each client make something for themselves
You could help those who need help making their own sandwich
Bananas are pretty easy to cut it up

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