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Belinda 19th Oct 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi all,
What's everyone doing for xmas gifts for their clients this year? It's always difficult with Memory Care and High Care. Looking for some different ideas...
Susan 19th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Laureen 20th Oct 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Belinda,
We are doing personalised Christmas Ornaments which they are going to hang on their doors, we have this come in at $5.50 each so well within budget. Its supporting a small business to so win win.
Susan 21st Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Laureen
Thank you for sharing this
AJ 26th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi there!
I am going with practical. Most of the residents dont need more trinkets or things. Think about what they need? Are they always cold? Maybe a warm pair of fuzzy socks or a soft fuzzy blanket?
Electronic photo frames are good too, if families ask! Amazon has them for around $40. Families can load up USB with family photos.

We have a home health agency that collects gifts from the community, they provide gifts for anyone who doesnt have family. I purchase gifts for the remainder of the residents.
Socks, sweat pants, sweaters, art kits, cd music, hair accessories, soft blankets, wall calendars with their interests (49ers football, nature, cats, dogs etc).
Susan 26th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Great suggestions
We had several agencies donate gifts for the residents
It is a good PR for home health agencies and hospice to do this

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