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Barb 27th Oct 2021 Senior Activity Coordinator
Hello, wondering if there are and templates to use to put advertising in?
Susan 27th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Barb
What Kind of advertising do you want to do ??
You could advertise in a newsletter
Barb 27th Oct 2021
Hello, looking for a template for just putting up flyers
Barb 2nd Nov 2021
I work as a senior activities coordinator for meal dining centers, So I will be advertising a lot., any free templates would really help.
Susan 2nd Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi Barb
Are you advertising the meals that is what is served at them or having people come to the meals or what
Although this article does not have a template maybe it could help you
Also I may adapt and modify this to meet your needs
Barb 3rd Nov 2021
I work with senior citizens, at the dining centers halls, I am looking for free templates to advertise my activities to get more involvement from the community outside. Any thing available on this site for such?
Susan 5th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi again Barb
I always made my own flyers using Microsoft Word because there are many tools that they have
Then just save your work and you will have a template that you can alter in the future
Talita 5th Nov 2021
Hi Barb, we don't have any generic flyers on this site. Perhaps you can ask on our facebook group:

Susan's idea on using Word is a good one too, they have a lot of generic flyer templates availalbe. All the best Barb!

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