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Talita 14th Jun 2017
Thanks so much for the photos Kim, they look amazing!
Kim 12th Jun 2017 Activity Officer
St Patrick's day themed "Special morning tea". We used cut out shamrocks using sparkly paper, twinkle lights and gold coins scattered over the table, green plastic tablecloth and green serviettes. Some residents chose to wear an Irish hat. A very fun day was had by all.
Kim 12th Jun 2017 Activity Officer
We hold what we call a "Special morning tea" every Friday morning for our Residents. Once a month we host a larger one that includes our residents and also the Retirement village residents which is huge. We use vintage china and make a runner up the middle of the table using doilies. Place-mats are laminated images of beautiful vintage china found online. On these days we have up to 3 volunteers assist with pouring of teapots and assisting with the hand washing of all the china. I have scoured the local op shops and most of our decorations have come from donations, charity shops and garage sales and now have enough for 70 people. These days are becoming very popular for visiting families and friends as the residents are very proud to show off our beautifully set tables. We also do these with themed days such as Easter, st Patricks day, Christmas, Mad Hatters tea party.
Maria Lidia 4th Sep 2015 Lifestyle officer
can someone please give some ideas with the room decoration ideas for the High tea party.We are about to host one soon .....
Maria 28th Nov 2013

I've planed a high tea for Mother's Day @ the QVB location: Grand Ballroom...and send a invite to the ladies...I'll set the room to suit the theme hope will go ok.
Joanne 16th May 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Try the second hand shops for cups and saucers....they are quite cheap and the residents love them. Nowadays you can buy the tiered cake stands quite cheaply. I also got some sandwich plates from kmart and sourced some doilies from ebay....the residents love the effort we go to.
Sunbury Lions Communitty aged care 16th May 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
We had alovely high tea for Mothers day, we invited Daughters grandaughter and Friends to come and enjoy afternoon tea with are residents, this was enjoyed so much we plan to put it on the calander Monthly.
We also have advertised in are newsletter if anyone have donation of items we could use at are High teas to make it a little more nicer.
Solange 5th Apr 2011 Diversional Therapist
Yes, Urszula, the Ladies High Tea Club is very popular. I can vouch for the one you host, having attended one myself. Beautiful!
urszula 5th Apr 2011 DT
We do have Ladies\' High Tea Social Club as a regular activity every two weeks. We do send a specially designs invitation to our ladies\'.
We do have wonderful china cups,saucers, plates, tea pots and all the fancy things including lacy table cloth, beautiful flowers and more. Our ladies\' love the special tea time organise for them in the most gorgeous garden situated in our nursing home.We do read poems, talk about gardens, fashion, our weddings days, love for beautiful things, we bring interesting objects to talk about, invite guests. It takes a lot of work to organise such an event, the organiser must be well prepared in advance so the ladies\' will have a great time.I do buy cakes from my good local bakeries and also use delicatessen shops.We always have three variety of teas to enjoy. Ladies often receive small presents to take back to their rooms, which are very welcome. They include chocolates, leftover cakes or biscuits always wrap up in nice, fancy napkins. We do love our Ladies\' High Tea events and looking forward to many more.
Lea 4th Apr 2011 Registered Nurse
We are actually doing this for our Residents to celebrate the Royal Wedding of William and Katherine.
Staff are bringing their own beautiful china, lace cloths etc to make this a wonderful day for all.
Joanne 20th Feb 2011 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
We love having High Teas...we have managed to get some of the tiered cake holders to make it even more special...we are having a special high tea for the residents when the next Royal wedding is on this year...they love it. The residents love it even more when we sit down and join them...of course with a Royal theme we would all need to dress up to the nines...
Solange 7th Sep 2010 Diversional Therapist
I agree with you Jean, if the residents have nice china cups and saucers, freshly brewed tea and fancy napkins they feel special.
jean 7th Sep 2010 ain
We often have a fancy a/noon tea with all the trimmings and eat what we have cooked ie scones biscuits or slices. The residents love to chat around the table when we have the nice china and napkins.
Solange 2nd Jul 2010 Diversional Therapist
I quite agree with that, there is more satisfaction in participating actively instead of being waited upon all the time.However in a High Care facility it is almost impossible. An alternative would be to have those few who can do it plus volunteers and staff making the sandwiches on a double table surrounded by those who no longer can manage doing it.
Shannyn 2nd Jul 2010 Diversional Therapist
We often run high teas and make it an all day event, the residents bake the scones and make the sandwiches in the morning, then sit down to enjoy the high tea in the afternoon.
Some residents have commented that they think it's nicer when they make the food for the tea rather than us buying them small cupcakes.