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Barb 29th Dec 2021 Senior Activity Coordinator
Good afternoon everyone. Just wanting to see what's everybody doing for winter crafts. I have many who love crafts, but they have to be meaningful. We did the old book wreath and it was a great success. We will definitely try that one again next year. Any suggestions for January?
Susan 29th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Barb
Why not make some nice snowflakes for January
You can have a discussion about snow or play winter music for this activity
Jean 31st Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator
We made a paper mache Mr & Mrs Snowmen. The project involved quite a few residents making the head and body of each, then painting them and finally adding the 'fine touches'. Everyone enjoyed doing it.
Susan 31st Dec 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
This sounds like a great idea can you send a picture of the finished products
Jean 1st Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator
Hi Susan, I would love to, have one on my phone but don't know how to do it. I will see if someone in the family can help me. The residents really enjoyed it, so many abilities can be involved, tearing up newspaper, mixing flour and water, painting then the final touches all whilst socialising.
Linda 2nd Jan 2022 Recreation Therapist
Great tactile and dexerity work out
Make clay roses
No firing they dry like crockery

Baking soda
Food colouring
Google recipe no cooking
Use bbq skewers as stems
Susan 3rd Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Thank you for this idea
Shirley 4th Jan 2022 Activities
Painting a snowmen. and making a snowflake out of Q-tips
Susan 4th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Shirley
Thank you for your ideas
Linda 24th Feb 2022 Recreation Therapist
Autumn leave will be a great craft idea
We are doing a study of James bond his character Fleming based on his Australian friend Lindsay Cotton
We will be making cigarettes, hand guns, hats for our photo props.
This will be a huge learning curve mixed in with fun for all
Linda Riedel
Palm Lake Care
Lifestyle coordinator
Susan 27th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Thank you for sharing this

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