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Oliver 1st Jan 2022
Does anyone have any advice on dividing afternoons only (4 hours) between different functioning residents?

I am an activity coordinator in a home with residents mostly without dementia or low level dementia. There is a couple that have higher needs, wander and are harder to engage.

The home has gotten busier recently as well. With many more residents and some that don’t like doing typical games, bingo, or puzzles etc.

The lounge is kind of split in half so it’s hard to do one activity with residents in both sides. Especially where the main television can’t be seen so easily from one side for certain activities.

A limited number spend time in their rooms and don’t come down to the lounge. The home has about 22 residents currently.
Susan 1st Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Oliver
It is great that you are thinking of all your resident
First you need to know what the residents like to do and what they are capable of doing
I like to do one to one within a group or a mixed group
This article will be a big help to you

I also like music activities for a mixed group
Linda 2nd Jan 2022 Recreation Therapist
Hi Oliver
Happy new year
Oliver I find the residents that are hard to engage and don't , can't take part at the games table. I have lots of greeting cards just the fronts I give the residents seated together at a table a handful of the card fronts. The residents love the stimlus of pictures colours texture of the card and the tactile stimlus as they sit sorting the cards , try it they love the activity it is simple and joyful for the residents
Regards Linda Riedel
Lifestyle coordinator
Susan 4th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Thank you for sharing this idea
I say if it works use it

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