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Oliver 21st Mar 2022
Any advice on how you’d divide your time in this situation?

I am paid only 4 hours in afternoons. We have around 23 residents at the moment. Up until recently we had some new residents and some preferring now to spend time in their rooms.

So now the mix is almost 1/2, 1/2 of residents down in the communal lounge and in their rooms (sometimes their own choice but nevertheless everyone needs contact/stimulation).

How would you divide your time in a day/week to be fair to all?
Leo 21st Mar 2022 Activity Co Ordinator
I have gotten into the habit of doing residents nails every Monday. This has surprisingly become a very useful way to start the week as you are able to spend a little bit of time with each resident. Some love getting their nails filed and painted and enjoy a bit of company for a while but for all residents, even those who don't want their nails done, I use it as an excuse to start a conversation. Having a good chat with each or most of the residents on a Monday means you can tell them about anything you ahve planned in the week, see their reaction to each activity they may enjoy and rememeber to give them a gentle push to come and join later in the week.

These little weekly conversations have given me a chance to see what different things people would be likely to come out of their rooms for or simply finding different things to do with them in their rooms.
Susan 22nd Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Oliver
First it is important to know what kind of residents we are dealing with
I would try to encourage as many as possible to attend group activities
It is important for people to socialize and not stay in their room
However there may be some really will not come out of the room
So I’m hoping the majority of the residents attend group activities
I would have at least one big group activity lasting about 45 minutes
Then spend some time with those who are in their room maybe another 45 minutes
Then have another group activity
It is important to know the likes and needs of all the residents also
You can pass out quizzes or trivia or something like that to those who stay in the room
If you need more ideas please let me know
Susan 22nd Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Leo
You have shared some valuable information
Thank you
Oliver 25th Mar 2022
Thank you both for the advice.

Well 2 are pretty much bedbound. One no longer wishes to come down so often because of hip trouble, but shares a room with her husband. Four just like their own company, and one of those refutes to join in. Two of them can be coaxed. One is worried about a medical concern which needn’t be the biggest concern. A few vary in spending time in their rooms, depending on wellness mentally/physically.
Susan 26th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi again Oliver
Here are some more ideas for those who do not participate in group activities
Remember to read the comments
Also I do not know what kind of inspection you have
The worst thing that an inspector finds is when residents say they are bored
Make sure this is not the case
Also you may want to tell them about the importance of socialization
I created things that the residents could do in their room independently such as
Making greeting cards that they can fold and they can distribute to other residents
I’m sure this is said and one of the articles but creating word searches or trivia questions to distribute is a good idea
You can then have a contest and give a small prize to the person who gets the most right or you could just pick a winner but the people have to come to an activity to claim the prize
I do not know if you have to write progress notes or not but make sure you write down what the resident does and why they do not want to participate in group activities but say that they say they’re perfectly happy being in their room or wherever
Do you need more ideas??
Laura 29th Mar 2022 Engineer
Thanks for this interesting information!

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