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Dene 11th Sep 2013 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I think this is a great site for resources so am hoping for lots of replies to my request. I work in a CCU Hospital and am starting up a new mens group. I would like to hear of ideas that this group could tackle. The group are quite elderly and frail but would all benefit from male activities and contact.


Lifestyle & Leisure Manager
Madeleine 12th Sep 2013 Recreation Activites Officer
I have had guest spekers for the men. They also like to have lavish morning teas where once I have served the food they seem to do all the talking. You could have some discussion topics if they need help to start the conversation.
Lesley 12th Sep 2013 diversional therapist
Hi Dene
If you had enough volunteers and transport you could take them to a shopping centre or coffee shop for a coffee/tea and a chat (depending on abilities). My gentlement love this. I they are unable to go out maybe a morning tea in the garden. They seem to talk more when no women are around.
Anita 13th Sep 2013 RAO
At our residential aged care facility we regularly offer a "Men's Yarn with the caretaker and the chef" (1 hour just men and a light beer). They all show up and the conversation is constant.

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