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Deb 22nd Feb 2024 Activity Director
Hi everyone,
I am a new Activity Director with a dual program to run. When full we will have 75 residents (58 assisted living, and 17 memory care). This may be strange, but this is my first time in senior living. I love it, and am told that I am ding a great job. That being said, what does a day look like in your Memory care program? I find it hard to have CNAs follow through with what I have planned. I am always there for exercise class and 1x in the afternoon for an activity. I cover all the assisted living activities. We have 25 residents and are adding to that number weekly. I believe I will have a full time assistant in about a month (she is amazing, works concierge right now and does all she can to help). My main focus will be Memory care, I read all I can, but would really like to see what your daily schedule is like, what works, what doesn't. What is the best bit of advise you could offer? Thank you!
Susan 23rd Feb 2024 Activity Director
Hi Deb
Here are some samples that might help you

Remember to see what the residents like to do
Things will be changing, depending on the population you have even things will change over time, so be very flexible
Judy 4th Mar 2024 Diversional Therapist
Hi Deb
Welcome aboard. I work full-time in a Dementia care facility in New Zealand. I am there from 10.30 am - 6.30 PM. A typical day for me can be in the mornings some computer work then watering the garden with the residents, newsgroup, and another reading activity. On a Wednesday we may also have a dog visit and or a Devotion service. Afternoons can consist of out in the garden, exercises, entertainment, crafts, quizzes, or a van ride, depending on the day. Later in the afternoon, we may put on easy listening music, music DVD. We might also play a floor game. We try to keep them engaged in activities to help with agitation. It is about knowing your residents. It may change, as residents come and go.

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