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Lowana 12th Mar 2014
Im just wanting some help with some activities for the blind...this client has no dementia and a real love for life. Recently lost her eye sight only 5 months ago. She loves to knit,but I would like to offer her more....
Michelle 18th Mar 2014
Hi Lowana I have just added sensory arts to our Calender and the most popular one is hand painting but I do insist that they were gloves, its easier to keep clean I have captured some amazing pictures with this and the response from the staff as well and of course some of the staff want to have a turn to. Nail care and massage , discussing there surroundings, Talking books. The most successful is 1on1,Exercises and outdoor activities with the different smells and noises.
Sheila 19th Mar 2014
Hi Lowana - always a difficult one - especially when the person has a love for life. If you can hone in on her other senses, hearing, taste, touch, smell - to compensate for her loss of sight then you may add to her quality of life. If you take each one individually and build an activity around one or more of them its amazing what will come together. You also become her eyes filling in the gaps for her. I have a fair number of folk with macular degeneration and all are involved in various aspects of the programme.
Janita 12th Aug 2014
We have a number of residents that love to play BINGO that are vision impaired or blind, what we do we have two containers each person with twenty buttons, each person has a selected numbers ie 1-20, another person 25-45 etc. Each time their number is called they place a button in the empty container. we have two chances each game to win prizes, ie if playing for four corners, we allow then to get the first 5 ie (person doing 1-20) 1-5 can call out BINGO.or full house 1-20 BINGO. But i unually take note on my calling board of how they are going.
Solange 12th Aug 2014
What a good idea Janita. Thanks for sharing.

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