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Christina 26th Apr 2014 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi does anyone have any ideas of activities that would suit a resident who used to be a keen golfer? Thanks
Laura 27th Apr 2014 Nurse
Hi Christina,

Have you thought about hiring a put-put or mini golf set from your local golf club or even indoor entertainment centre's sometimes have them I know our bowling alley does? You could even get a large piece of green carpet/material and cut a hole in the top and look around second hand stores for old golf clubs and balls?

What about Wii games console on a TV?

Another idea if the resident doesn't have good mobility or has dementia (likes to be repetitive) you could have your resident bag up golf tees and give them back too the golf clubs for a small fee? Keeps them occupied and also gives them community involvement

I hope this helps :)

Christina 27th Apr 2014 Activity Co-ordinator
Thank you Laura, fab ideas. with best wishes, Tina
Jeanette 28th Apr 2014 Activities Officer
Wisdom activities sells a golf game that you might be interested in...
Jeanette 30th Apr 2014 Activities Officer
...sorry, just read you were from the UK...wisdom activities is in Auz and the postage would kill you...!
Owen 9th Dec 2019 Retired
We play golf putting on the carpet at The Redwood Club in Tawa Wellington NZ. The back board is easy to make or usually can be purchased. Great fun for left or right habders.
Susan 12th Dec 2019 Activity Director
I think Amazon has a golf game that might be appropriate

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