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Judy 3rd Jun 2014 Carer Consultant
I am a carer consultant for a mental health unit in a public hospital. I am holding a Carers pamper day for Carers who care for loved ones who have a mental illness. I am looking for an art therapy activity for the pamper day. Have you any ideas please.
Solange 3rd Jun 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Judy,

It depends on the abilities and capabilities of your clients. Golden Carers has easy crafts and more intricate crafts. Also I would recommend you pick a theme or a date to celebrate; it is easier to organize, here are a few suggestions:

Christmas in July - Paper Stained Glass - Colouring Christmas Angel - Popsicle Christmas Star - Recycled jigsaw
June Celebrations - World Ocean Day Poster - Recycled Fish Mobile
July Celebrations - Preserved Fall leaves
Themes - World Cup - Brazilian art templates

Jane 3rd Jun 2014 Activity provider - self employed
Choose a beautiful piece of music and invite your clients to 'paint to it'. Very soothing!
Kristy 11th Jun 2020 Support Worker
Try googling "paper plate flowers". I made this with the a client the other day and she really enjoyed it. We used oil pastels to colour in paper plates and then "smudged" the colours with baby oil. They were quite simple and very pretty.
Susan 12th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Kristy
Thank you for this valuable information it should help
Natalie 16th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator
As the original post said It was for the carers I think a lovely relaxing activity for them is to maybe do half an hour or an hour of listening to relaxing pan pipe or piano music while doing some adult coloring sheets. the music can relax and soothe you can do some deep breathing techniques to start the session off and its up to the individual when they want to colour or just sit and relax for the session.
Susan 17th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Natalie
Thank you for sharing this information
It certainly is a good idea

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