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Adrian 22nd Jul 2014 Activity Officer
I have been made aware that accreditation has been targeting sensory stimulation. We have the average tick sheet of what activities are done but I was wondering how people are capturing the sensory stimulation effectively? Thank you
Lauretta 29th Jul 2014 Diversional Therapist
Add something to each activity that provides sensory stimulation.
The four seasons make good programs for discussion.
Summer- smell summer fruits-touch-taste
Autumn brown leaves- touch,smell and vision and so forth
Check out some ideas from Share time pictures
MARYANN 23rd Nov 2014
Has anyone else taken on board doing TT in your Program - every good.
Jean 16th Dec 2014 Recreational Activities Officer
I love to use cooking for sensory stimulation. Making bread or something with cinnamon or even the monthly BBQ can be a sensory stimulation.
Alexandra 2nd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
I think sensory stimulation can be used ongoing in many activities that we probably already do. For example, cooking and food tasting, pampering with essential oils, pet therapy, garden walks and outdoor activities, flower arranging, crafts and art using different textures etc.

I also use a book put out by Alzheimers Australia called "Purpose and pleasure for people living with dementia" which is an amazing resource of ideas and tips.
Katherine 25th Sep 2020
Wondering if anyone has a form/template for tracking client outcomes within sensory stimulation groups or 1-1 interventions that they would recommend?
Thank you,
Elisa 30th Sep 2020 Senior Activity Coordinator
I record levels of participation and wellbeing for each activity using symbols and letters on the residents logs (instead of only a tick)
I have a more specific record sheet for planned sensory sessions both individual and group
Susan 1st Oct 2020 Activity Director
Great ideas ladies
This should help Adrian
Here are some ideas on golden Carers
You can modify these forms as necessary
You could also use the tool kit offered by Golden Carers

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